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How to get funding from the Development Services Database (BUR)?

  1. Choose course

    Choose a training tailored to your needs, our specialists will be happy to help you choose

  2. Create an account with BUR

    Through the Development Services Database, you register for the training you are interested in

  3. Contact your operator

    Report to the operator assigned to your province, who will help you complete the training application, and then provide him with the documents.

  4. Sign the contract

    When receiving funding, it is necessary to sign a contract with the operator..

  5. Sign up for course

    Sign up for the training via the Development Services Database.

  6. Complete the course

    After the training, be sure to evaluate it in BUR, it is necessary in order to receive a refund.

  7. Pay the invoice

    After the training, you will receive an invoice from us to pay.

  8. Get a refund

    Please contact your operator for a refund

How to get funding from KFS?

  1. Find the course you are interested in and sign up

    To obtain funding, you must be sure that you will be able to take part in the training.

  2. Contact the Poviat Labor Office

    PLO will provide information on deadlines, relevant applications and regulations.

  3. Fill out the documents

    Submit them to PUP in person or electronically

  4. Pay for the course and take part in it

  5. After completing the course, you will receive from us the documents needed to settle the course

    If your PUP asks for additional documents, let us know, we will prepare them for you.

Adentis Aleksandra Gabren Syller (Dentalcoffee) is only a training organizer and service provider.
All formalities must be completed between the beneficiary and the granting authority.